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San Teodoro

The Residence Li Rocchi is situated at San Teodoro, an attractive holiday resort in north-east Sardinia.
The territory of San Teodoro stretches along the coast from north to south for about 37 km, in a continuous panorama of picturesque promontories, steep bays and white sandy beaches, in one of Sardinia's most attractive and extraordinary coastal landscapes.

The town offers excellent hospitality facilities and shops, together with efficient services capable of satisfying the needs of increasingly demanding visitors.

Apartment locations

All apartments are located in the Residence Li Rocchi, in Via Avru, just a few steps from the splendid and famous "La Cinta" beach and the town centre.

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Photo from "Guida di San Teodoro", edited by Pro Loco San Teodoro.
Residence Li Rocchi
Via L'Avru - 08020 - San Teodoro (NU) - Sardinia
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